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Cookbook author and food consultant Stephen Wong will serve this at the Wild BC Seafood Fest. Sake kasu, which is called for in the marinade, can be found at Artisan Sake on Granville Island. Kasu is the lees that remain after the fermented rice mash (moromi) has been pressed during the sake-making process. The Japanese use it to marinate fish and meat and to pickle vegetables.
This lunchtime session takes an adventurous approach to pairing sake with food. Masa Shiroki of Vancouvers Artisan SakeMaker Inc. and wine personality David Scholefield will lead guests through a sampling of various styles of sake paired with Charcuterie and of course and sushi. The event promises to be a fun way to explore how one of humanitys oldest alcoholic beverages is enhanced when paired with appropriate cuisine.
To most, sake is something kitschy to accompany sushi, served warm to mask its flavours. Premium sake, however, is served chilled and it can be as dynamic as a fine bottle of wine. In Japan, sake refers to all alcoholic beverages, In the West, it is commonly referred to as Japanese rice wine. Sake is […]