Date: Saturday, November 14, 2009
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Location: Cornucopia
City/Town: Whistler, Canada

Sake Meets its Match

This lunchtime session takes an adventurous approach to pairing sake with food. Masa Shiroki of Vancouver’s Artisan SakeMaker Inc. and wine personality David Scholefield will lead guests through a sampling of various styles of sake paired with Charcuterie and of course and sushi. The event promises to be a fun way to explore how one of humanity’s oldest alcoholic beverages is enhanced when paired with appropriate cuisine.

David Scholefield – Scholefield Consulting

Few in the wine industry need an introduction to David Scholefield. David is one of Canada’s most experienced and well-travelled wine personalities. His renowned palate, sharp wit and great passion for wine have established him as a much sought-after wine consultant, speaker, teacher and judge. David’s devotion to wine sustained him throughout his long career as senior wine buyer for the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), where he earned a global reputation for his ability to shepherd allocations of the world’s finest wine onto the shelves of BC liquor stores. He currently consults to various groups, speaks at wine and food events, writes and judges at international wine competitions

Masa Shiroki – Sake Master

Mr. Masa Shiroki, a native Japanese and Canadian resident, founded an import and export business in BC in 1991. He has over 30 years of extensive trade and business experience in the international arena in both the private and the public sectors.

In his wide array of industry exposures, he has focused his attention on the promotion of Japanese premium sake. He has been marketing imported sake in Canada since 2001 under the name of CMC Sake + Wine Merchants. He gives educational seminars on sake to groups of wine enthusiasts and professional sommeliers in BC and Alberta. He also helps wine and food writers with their articles on sake.

He has appeared in a variety of media shows including The Chef At Large (Food Channel), City Cooks (City TV), The Shopping Bags (W Channel), Urban Rush (Shaw TV), Multi-Cultural TV (Channel M) and Radio Nippon (AM1320) and has extensively promoted premium sake by introducing pairing ideas with non-Japanese foods.

Inspired by his ardent passion to advance sake’s popularity in Canada, he has taken an ultimate form of promotion by becoming the first person to produce sake in Canada. In January 2007, Mr. Shiroki opened Artisan SakeMaker at Granville Island, a commercial winery to produce premium sake from imported Japanese sake rice and sake yeast and British Columbia’s pure and soft water. Artisan SakeMaker’s products has been hailed by a number of wine professionals and general public and gained following from both local and out of BC and Canada sake enthusiasts. Mr. Shiroki’s interest in “natural and sustainable” product development recently gave birth to Kasu (sake-lees) and Kasu based condiments and brought excitement to progressive culinary professionals.

He has since appeared in a variety of media coverage in news papers, magazines, radio shows and TV footage including The Early Edition (CBC Radio), The Tasting Room (AM1410), Living Vancouver (CBC), Saturday AM News (Global TV), L’épicerie (Radio-Canada), D’Est en Ouest (télévision TV5 Québec), Urban Rush (Shaw TV) and Tourism Canada’s promotional video.

Mr. Shiroki holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.