Who – Osake Artisan Sake Maker

What – Junmai Sparkling Sake

Where – Granville Island, Vancouver

Why – Writing about Masa’s special Artisan Sake winemaker’s dinner coming up at The Mark reminded me about this sparkling sake I had stashed away for a special occasion. Well – happy September! This is about as far away as you can get from the burning, heated, high-alcoholic potion you got with your sushi at your neighbourhood joint. Thanks to Masa, premium and handcrafted sake has flooded the Vancouver market like a tsunami. This is his newest creation to the lineup – released last December. Lively and lightly sweet with tropical fruit, citrus, a whiff of anise and a whack of pear – with gentle bubble action and a smooth lingering finish.

When – Don’t make the mistake and limit yourself to sushi only. Try this sake with crab, smoked salmon, or a salad of beets, pear and hazelnuts.

How (much) – $23.90 for 500ml

Winespeak of the Week – Junmai is a quality level indicating only rice, water and special sake yeasts are used (no alcohol or flavouring agents added).

[via Edible BC]