In 2008, Artisan SakeMaker’s Masa Shiroki began experimenting to make sparkling sake using the traditional Champagne method, Méthode Champenoise. In August 2011, Shiroki bottled his first 20 cases of Artisan SakeMaker’s in traditional 750ml French Champagne-style bottles. MIRAI 2010 Sparkling Sake will be released at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival on March 1, 2012 and will be available for tasting at the afternoon Trade Tastings and the evening International Festival Tastings.

Designed to appeal to discerning palates, MIRAI (which means future in English) signifies a new age for sake since this style has never been seriously pursued in sake making’s 2000-year history. The name MIRAI celebrates sake’s growing popularity outside of Japan and its place in the wider culinary world. In making MIRAI, Shiroki wants to inspire sakemakers everywhere to expand their creativity and push the boundaries of innovation.

Artisan SakeMaker has been bringing sake making to new levels through its mandate, ‘Authenticity with Innovation’, by respecting the traditional methods of handcrafting small batches of sake using natural production processes. We know that tradition and culture evolve over time and are challenged by the ever-changing nature of the way we live and think. Artisan SakeMaker believes that authenticity must be respected, and innovation must exist to adapt to the changes, and that this can be achieved through the artisanal spirit and creative thinking.

MIRAI is available for purchase at Artisan SakeMaker’s  tasting room and retail store on Granville Island.