By Alina Konevski – Abbotsford News
Published: October 17, 2013 8:00 AM

In a metallic barn behind Bakerview EcoDairy, just south of the highway off Sumas Way, there is a burgeoning collection of machinery for growing and processing rice. The dehusker, sifter, thresher, rice grader, and specialized tractor able to work in water all bear Japanese labels. The rice combine harvester and a 17-foot industrial dryer are the latest additions. They arrived last month by ocean container. The combine is the first such machine ever imported into Canada.

This month marks Masa Shiroki’s third completed season growing sake rice in the fields of Abbotsford. The land he leases from EcoDairy is treating him well. He is expanding rapidly, and doubled his acreage for this season.

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