We are delighted to announce that our signature Renaissance sake was awarded one of the Judges’ selection in the Sake category by the 2016 Culinaire Magazine Alberta Beverage Awards (ABAs)! Chosen out of more than 750 products, the full results will appear in the magazine’s November issue. It is the first time Sake is represented in this competition, and we are proud to be among the win(n)ers!

Renaissance is a handcrafted sake made from exclusive rice grown in Canada only for the most superior product. Only a limited batch of 100 cases was made for the 2016 Summer/Fall offering. This new style of saketranscends the boundary of common sakes’ characteristics with unprecedented level of acidity, complex flavours, superior balance and maturity. This is a rice wine made possible from authentic yet innovative sake making techniques to complement contemporary culinary movements. The “Renaissance of Sake” born in modern era for modern wine aficionados.