Here at Artisan, you can of course drink sake, but there are many other unique products you can also take home! Here are some gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, only available at Artisan SakeMaker:


Hand-painted and crafted traditional

sake cups from Kyoto   $28

Adorable Ofuku, Hyottoko and Oni sake cups, come with special box.

Hand-crafted good luck charm   $10


Sake Kasu Chocolate Bonbon in gift case

2 pieces   $2

6 pieces   $6


Ginjo Sake Glasses

Set of 6   $25 (regular $30)

Set of 2 $10


Orizee Skin Care Products

Made with our own sake kasu as one of the main ingredients, these products are all natural and excellent for all skin types.

Yuzu + Shiso Hydrating Cream   $36

Gentle Bamboo Polish   $34

Regenerative Treatment Mask   $34

Pore Refining Cleanser   $32

Shiso + Rose Hydrating Toner   $30

Orizee Eye Serum   $28


and of course…


Our premium Junmai sake