Hello All, 


Since our last post a lot has been happening on the farm. The plants have entered the reproductive stage of their life cycle, and soon all of them will be flowering. 

Rice pellicle at the beginning of its flowering phase with the pollen-bearing stamens are just starting to emerge

In the photo you can see the pellicles, some of which have visible stamens (the pollen-producing part of the flower) just starting to emerge. The flowering phase will last approximately 7-10 days, allowing them ample time for pollination. Once pollination is complete, the rice, which is fruit of the plant, will  ripen over the course of a couple months. This puts us right on track for our September harvest! 


As the season progresses we will continue to keep you updated with information and photos. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about growing rice or our farm. 


Until next time…