Kasu (SakeKasu) is the “lees” that remain after the moromi (fermented rice mash) has been pressed during the sake-making process and contains up to 9% of alcohol. It has been used for centuries in Japan to marinate fish and meat as well as to pickle vegetables.

Kasu contains abundant essential amino acids including glutamic acid which is the source of “Umami” (savouriness). Chefs can take advantage of Kasu’s preserving and flavor and texture enhancing effects.

Artisan Kasu is made from 100% natural ingredients; rice, water and yeast. It contains no preservatives, low sodium and fat-free.

How to use Artisan Kasu

Artisan Kasu is a new culinary ingredient that has excited a number of chefs in town.  Here are some examples of how they are using;

  • Kasu sauce at C Restaurant
  • Seafood marinade with Kasu at Boneta
  • Vegetarian dish at Bishop’s
  • Kasu bouillabaisse at Tojo’s Restaurant
  • Kasu rizotto and icecream at Zest Restaurant
  • Kazu (Kasu-cured) prosciutto by Oyama Sausage in Granville Island market
  • Kasu marinated sable fish at Edible Canada on Granville Island
  • WD-50 (New York) uses Kasu in soup stock

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How to store Artisan Kasu

Kasu under refrigerated condition can keep for a year and almost indefinitely if it is kept frozen.

Where to buy Artisan Kasu

Please come visit our winery retail store on Granville Island or visit the following stores*.

  • Fujiya – Clark Street, Vancouver (604) 251-1988
  • Fujiya – 3624 Shelbourne Street, Victoria (250) 598-3711
  • Konbiniya – 1238 Robson Street, Vancouver (604) 682-3634
  • Suzuya at Nikkei Centre – 6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby (778) 709-3206

*Availability is subject to change.