We are selected as one of top tastings rooms in Vancouver on BC Living Magazine. Read the article
Our rice field in Abbotsford and Fraser Valley Junmai – Series Two are making an appearance on Where Vancouver April issue!
E-Nikka reported Japanese food and sake promotional event at Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver’s house. The article is in Japanese. The event was held in collaboration with Sake Association of BC. 3月24日に日本食と日本酒のプロモーションイベントが在バンクーバー日本国総領事公邸で開催されました。イベントはBC州日本酒協会とのコラボレーションで実現しました。記事は以下リンクよりご覧下さい。 Read the article: 日本食と日本酒のコンビネーションをカナダ人に普及 バンクーバー公邸でプロモーション・イベント開催
E-Nikka reported our 7th anniversary and Fraser Valley Junmai – Series Two release event. The article is in Japanese. 1月15日に行われた7周年記念兼フレーザーバレー純米・シリーズ2リリースイベントの際にE-Nikkaの取材を受けました。記事は以下リンクからご覧下さい。 Read the article: BC州の「ARTISAN SAKEMAKER 」白木正孝社長 カナダ産米で新たに「Fraser Valley Junmai」発売
Masa was interviewed by AM 650′s The Best of Food and Wine with Anthony Gismondi and Kasey Wilson at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. The show was aired on March 13 and it is now available online. On the show, Fairmont Pacific Rim’s executive chef, Darren Brown was also interviewed at the show. The restaurant […]
New Leef Weekly visited our store and the article was published on Feb 8-14, 2014 issue. Read the article (PDF)
Rice could add diversity to Fraser Valley crops Ideally suited for small lots of marginal FV farm land to produce food or Japanese sake by Peter Mitham, publihed on Country Life in BC February 2014 issue ABBOTSFORD – Sake is a drop in the proverbial bucket – about 2% – when it comes to overall […]
Margaret Gallagher and John Lee visited our winery! CBC Early Edition covered Winterruption event: Meet Your Makers: Granville Island Sake, Spirit and Beer Tour on February 14. Guided by travel writer John Lee, they visited Granville Island Brewery, Dockside Brewery, Liberty Distillery and our winery! The event was well attended and we really enjoyed sharing […]
On February 1st, 2014, Vancouver Foodster presented “Palate Promenade: Granville Island Discoveries.” Below is an article on the events by Vancouver Foodster and Diane Chow. Palate Promenade: Granville Island Discoveries 2014 The Palate Promenade reveals that Granville Island truly is your one stop shop, savor and sipping destination
Geoff from visited Vancouver Foodster’s Palate Promenade for a delicious food tasting event on Granville Island. Here’s his video report. Our store is appearing from 1:03.