Fabriqué au Canada : nous sommes en Colombie-Britannique, où un fonctionnaire s'est transformé en producteur de riz et de saké. Posted by RDI Économie on Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Nikkei TV covered our rice planting field trip! 日系TVが田植えフィールドトリップの取材を受けました。 They also covered our Fraser Valley Junmai series two release in January! 1月に取材を受けた日系TVによるフレーザーバレー純米シリーズ2のお披露目についてのビデオはこちらからご覧下さい。
Shaw TV’s go! Vancouver covered our rice planting field trip!
Your browser does not support frames. Click here to view the frameless video.. Global TV covered our rice planting field trip to Abbotsford today. Read more…
Geoff from visited Vancouver Foodster’s Palate Promenade for a delicious food tasting event on Granville Island. Here’s his video report. Our store is appearing from 1:03.
On December 3rd, Food Talks presented the 10th Food Talks series at Vancouver Urban Winery. The event featured 5 speakers including Masa, our sakemaker. In the video, Masa talks about current sake market in British Columbia as well as its potential!
Masa, owner and sakemaker was interviewed by Nikkei TV. In the interview, he talked about how Artisan SakeMaker started, its challenges and sustainable model. The video is in Japanese. Artisan SakeMakerオーナーの白木が日系テレビのインタビューを受けました。ビデオでは、日本酒造りを始めたきっかけやそれにまつわる挑戦、環境にやさしいビジネスモデルについて紹介をしています。
Telus OptikLocal brings you how to enjoy Japan’s traditional rice wine, Sake, from Artisan Sake Maker expert, Masa Shiroki.
Watch this video of Artisan Sake Maker from Telus OptikLocal, filmed at our rice paddy.
Sake brewed in Canada Masa Shiroki has made it his mission to brew quality sake in Vancouver