Looking for away to add a bit of Christmas to your sake? Check out the Merry Berry Saketini featured in Culinary Capers.
Cookbook author and food consultant Stephen Wong will serve this at the Wild BC Seafood Fest. Sake kasu, which is called for in the marinade, can be found at Artisan Sake on Granville Island. Kasu is the lees that remain after the fermented rice mash (moromi) has been pressed during the sake-making process. The Japanese use it to marinate fish and meat and to pickle vegetables.
Kasu used as marinade Preparation time: 5 minutes On a fresh filet of fish (sole, cod, snapper, salmon) apply a thin layer of Kasu on both sides. Sear in a non-stick frying pan with or without oil at high heat for 15 seconds each side until browned. Turn off heat and cover to retain moisture […]
Ingredients For marinade a 1-inch piece fresh gingerroot 1 cup mirin* 1/2 cup Artisan SakeKasu 1/2 cup tamari* or soy sauce 1/4 cup white miso* 1/4 cup rice vinegar (not seasoned) 2 tablespoons packed brown sugar six 6- to 7-ounce skinless pieces Chilean sea bass fillet (each about 1 1/2 inches thick) 1 tablespoon vegetable […]