Rice Production

It has been a little while since our last post. We finished planting rice last month and have been enjoying a beautiful Spring growing season in Abbotsford, BC. With everything in the ground, we’ve been keeping busy with weeding and maintenance. It doesn’t get any better than organic farming, does it? As always, let us […]
The weather has definitely changed, and with it we prepare to plant this season’s rice. Because of the chilly early Spring nights we experience here in British Columbia, we can’t simply plant seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow. We first grow trays of seedlings in a more temperate environment, allowing them […]
Here in British Columbia there are many reasons to be excited about the coming of Spring, and at Artisan SakeMaker the beginning of the new rice season ranks up there among the best of them. This year we are expanding production of our BC rice in an effort to meet customer demand. This past week […]