Osake Fraser Valley Junmai – Renaissance

Alberta Beverage Awards 2016 – Judges’ Selection (Culinaire Magazine)

“Farm to Glass”. This new style of sake transcends the boundary of common sakes’ characteristics with unprecedented level of acidity. Only a limited batch of 100 cases was made for the 2016 Fall offering.

+458158 375ml 14.5% alc./vol. $24.90

Osake Junmai Nama Genshu

Top 100 Wines of 2012
(Vancouver Magazine International Wine Competition)

Top 100 Wines of 2009
(Vancouver Magazine International Wine Competition)

Rich, complex and dry Fragrant with tropical fruit aromas; rich and creamy with a dry, lingering finish; it’s well matched with a wide variety of foods.

Food match: red meats, duck, pates, stronger cheeses

+628990 750ml 18% alc./vol. $34.90

+580183 375ml 18% alc./vol. $22.18

Osake Junmai Nama

Top 100 Wines of 2012
(Vancouver Magazine International Wine Competition)

Light, crisp and dry Lively and bright with pear, melon, citrus notes; it is a refined sipping sake and ideal companion to seafood.

Food match: salad, fish, shellfish, acidic cheeses

+805382 750ml 15% alc./vol. $26.90

+641720 375ml 15% alc./vol. $16.70

Osake Junmai Nama Nigori

Creamy, fruity and semi-dry Rustic and “cloudy” with rice lees; round, lightly piquant with a hint of natural sweetness; it’s wonderful with spicier dishes.

Food match: chicken, pork, creamier cheeses

+022731 750ml 14% alc./vol. $28.90

+196659 375ml 14% alc./vol. $17.90

Osake Junmai Sparkling Sake

Light, crisp and lightly sweet Lively and bright with pear, melon, tropical fruit notes and a hint of licorice; it is an ideal companion to a variety of appetizers.

Food match: lobster & crab, cured or smoked salmon, light cheeses

+ 083568 500ml 13.5% alc./vol. $23.90

Junmai Nigori Sparkling

Osake Junmai Nigori Sparkling Sake

2016 Release – Fresh acidity, velvety and semi-dry Nigori (Cloudly) sparkling sake that retains some of the rice sediments in the bottle. Its vibrant flavors are balanced by a fine acidity with a rich, smooth finish.

Food match: Spicy chicken wings, fresh fruit salad, sweet & sour pork

+ 503292 500ml 13.5% alc./vol. $23.90

MIRAI Traditional Method Sparkling Sake

North America’s ‘First’ Champagne of Sake “Authenticity with Innovation”

Bruit Nature
MIRAI has bright tropical fruit aromas, a rich mouthfeel, fine mousse and yeasty notes with a dry finish.

Food match: lobster, scallop, stronger cheese

+ 833384 750ml 12.0% alc./vol. $41.25