Osake Artisan SakeMaker enjoyed another amazing year at this year’s Vancouver International Wine Festival. Opportunities to meet and mingle with likeminded people in the industry and showcase our sake to the public are always rewarding, and this was no exception. This year we were pouring a variety of our sakes in a range of styles. […]
Masa, owner and sakemaker was interviewed by Nikkei TV. In the interview, he talked about how Artisan SakeMaker started, its challenges and sustainable model. The video is in Japanese. Artisan SakeMakerオーナーの白木が日系テレビのインタビューを受けました。ビデオでは、日本酒造りを始めたきっかけやそれにまつわる挑戦、環境にやさしいビジネスモデルについて紹介をしています。