We are very excited to be organizing and participating in the very first annual Vancouver Sake Fest on September 29th at the Imperial! It’s not too late to grab early bird tickets for 40$ at our shop and get a coupon for a free trio, or online on sakebc.ca before August 31st. We will be serving […]
It is important to Masa Shiroki to make the distinction that Sake is rice wine and not a beer product or by-product, “It all comes down to your choice of words – fermentation instead of brewing. I think the misconception is from when people came to Japan to study the art of Sake making and […]
On February 1st, 2014, Vancouver Foodster presented “Palate Promenade: Granville Island Discoveries.” Below is an article on the events by Vancouver Foodster and Diane Chow. Palate Promenade: Granville Island Discoveries 2014 http://vancouverfoodster.com/2014/02/17/palate-promenade-granville-island-discoveries-2014/ The Palate Promenade reveals that Granville Island truly is your one stop shop, savor and sipping destination http://fabulouslyfrugalinvancouver.wordpress.com/the-palate-promenade-reveals-that-granville-island-truly-is-your-one-stop-shop-savor-and-sipping-destination/