Masa Shiroki

Owner and Founder of Artisinal SakeMaker, Masa oversees all sake production, store operations and the rice farm. Masa, a visionary and a dreamer, has taken several turns in his career paths to get to where he is now, a sakemaker and a rice farmer. After training up a passionate team at the winery, Masa is currently focusing the majority of his efforts at the Abbotsford rice farm. Masa is known by his team and industry peers for his persistent pursuit of perfection and desire to share sake culture.


Yukiko Shiroki

While Yukiko heads the administration, finance and payroll at Artisinal SakeMaker, you’re just as likely to find her enthusiastically assisting in the rice field or aiding visitors with sake selections and sharing her knowledge. Yukiko has a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors; she particularly enjoys watching the seasonal changes at the rice farm. Her favourite views there include spring shoots against a background of snow-covered Mt. Baker and the bright yellow fields ready to harvest in the fall.


Keita Kuroda

Keita joined Artisinal SakeMaker in 2021; this quick learner hasn’t wasted any time absorbing knowledge in his role as Sake Making Assistant. This happy-faced team member has a passion for cooking and the outdoors, including camping, which he does in style – ask him about his mobile bathtub, which he considers essential to a camping trip. Keita is set to complete his sake sommelier course this year.


Eiji Oda

Eiji Oda is a patient and diligent member of the farm team that is committed to excellence. He brings to the team experience in rice production and is adept in mechanical operations. His hobbies include attending to a collection of corals in his home aquarium and aspires to sail around the world.


Goeff Beukens

A skillful problem solver, Goeff cleverly repairs Japanese farm equipment at the Abbotsford farm. A heavy-duty mechanic by trade, his skills are essential to keeping farm machinery in good working order. Away from the farm, Goeff works as a social worker and mentor to troubled men. This adventurous and playful family man just welcomed his first grandchild.

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