Sake Kasu

Sake kasu, the natural by-product of sake production, is a paste prized by chefs worldwide for its unique umami-packed flavour and floral aromatics. Aged for up to 24 months, each grade we supply has a distinctive taste and structure suitable for various dishes. Use the guide below to help select the best OSAKE SakeKasu products for you; the Umami Level column ranks products 1-5 (least to most).

Product TypeUmami LevelAging in monthsFlavourTextureRecommended Use
Milled White Rice3Less than 6MildFirmFish marinade, baking, ice cream, amazake, juice mix, cocktails
BC Whole Grain4More than 6MediumSoftSoup stock, sauces, meat marinade
Aged5More than 24StrongVery softKasuzuke (Pickling vegetables and meats)

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