Premium Koji Condiment

A new product using rice koji, Premium Koji Condiment, has been released.

Koji condiment is a condiment primarily made from rice koji, which is basically used in making sake and soy sauce. it comes in four flavors and can be used in a wide range of dishes depending on your culinary.

By using Koji condiment in cooking, you can add new sweetness and umami to your dishes.


What is KOJI?

Koji is a fermented rice with a saccharification culture. It’s used in the production of sake, miso, and soy sauce.

Koji is essential for fermenting and aging these raw materials, breaking them down alongside ingredients like rice and soybeans to create new sweetness and umami.



  • Promotion of digestion and absorption

The enzymes present in Koji help breakdown food to aid digestion.

  • Activation of intestinal environment

By consuming ingredients that are good for digestion, the balance of the intestinal environment is maintained ,which can lead to obesity prevention and potential health benefits.

  • Tenderize of ingredients

The enzymes in koji break down proteins found in meat and fish, making them tender.


Products information

  • Garlic Ginger KOJI

Ingredients: Garlic, Ginger, Rice koji, Salt

GARLIC & GINGER KOJI is made by fermenting garlic, ginger, and salt with koji. Its pungent flavor accents dishes.

<What for?>

For stir-fry with vegetables, sauce for fish or meat, seasoning dumplings, spice to make curry.


  • Onion KOJI

Ingredients: Onion, Rice koji, Salt

ONION KOJI is made by fermenting onion and salt with koji. It has a mild and sweet flavor, making it a perfect match for all kinds of food.

<What for?>

For salad dressing, ingredients to make soup, seasoning meat dishes, substitute for stock.


  • Tomato KOJI

Ingredients: Tomato, Rice koji, Salt

TOMATO KOJI is made by fermenting tomato and salt with koji. The rich tomato flavor is useful in cooking as an excellent all-around seasoning.

<What for?>

For pasta sauce, seasoning for meat and fish sauces, stir-fry with vegetables, ingredients to make soup


  • Sweet KOJI

Ingredients: Rice koji, Salt

SWEET KOJI is saccharified rice and a nutritious sugar substitute. This is sugar-free but has a rich, mild sweetness.

<What for?>

For morning toast, mix with marmalade or any fruit jam, a pleasant kick to ice cream, add to smoothies, baking.

*Occasionally, black spots may be present, but they are a part of the rice’s composition and do not pose any health concerns.



  • Please store in cool, dry place away from high temperature and humidity.
  • After opening, please store in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

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