Fall 2023 Newletter

The 2023 rice crop turned out with much better results than previous years and exceeded our expectations.  The attribute was the diligent and hard work of our new farm manager throughout the season, from seedling production to weed control for a period of six months. Another positive attribute was the higher-than-normal temperatures that persisted throughout the season, an obvious positive effect of climate change, at least for our rice production, which brought hot and dry summer months that continued well into the fall. 

On the negative side of climate change, record forest fires and lower river and lake levels have raised concerns for future agriculture across Canada. The increased presence of algae in our rice paddies due to higher temperatures is also a concern and has made us think of the need for further research activities with new experiments. 

All in all, consecutive years of higher-than-normal heat units bring a positive prospect of better rice production potential in future years. We must continue to adjust ourselves to the environmental changes and work harder towards a stable supply of sake rice for our Sake production and to ensure the availability of table rice for our supportive customers and patrons. 

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